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Name: you have a nice-concept here, i like the theories... some kind of frankfurt-school of noise? From: but a stupid guestbook
Contact: Homepage: http://
Added on: 17. Jun. 2010 - 17:16:57

Name: lärmpirat From: ahoj!
Contact: sailing the deep but silent waters, the vessel sinks in the shallow of the noisy shore. Homepage: stranded on an island as though anchored. the wind and the waves hit the ears..
Added on: 17. Jun. 2010 - 17:16:12

Name: Lärmpirat From: vienna
Contact: zsr [at] gmx [dot] net Homepage:
Added on: 17. Jun. 2010 - 17:14:36

Name: ohmnoise From: Berlin
Contact: Homepage:
Added on: 08. Feb. 2010 - 01:08:49

Name: monotoned From: Columbus
Contact: Homepage:
Added on: 14. Dec. 2009 - 01:25:29

Name: daniel From: ffm
Contact: Homepage:
Added on: 12. Apr. 2009 - 21:47:09

Name: annette From: dribbdebach
Contact: Homepage: http://
Message: muss euch einfach mal grüssen... ;-) was ein glück dass nicht die gesamte stadt eine noise-freie zone ist...
Added on: 21. Jul. 2006 - 20:01:25

Name: Noisewerrrrk From:
Contact: Homepage:
Message: Sehr schöne Seite, insbesondere der "Theory"-Bereich wusste zu gefallen. Zwar nicht aus FFM, aber trotzdem interessant (und noisy): Noisewerrrrk - Disgusted by your morals/I feel sick-EP Kostenloser Download unter
Added on: 03. Jan. 2006 - 11:49:50

Name: Martin From:
Contact: martin [at] sub-kultur [dot] net Homepage:
Message: 02.11.05 Halle 2, Hanau ( "Hau Ruck"-Tour 2005 KMFDM / Panic DHH & Y-Luk-O Tickets noch an allen bekannten VVK-Stellen. Mehr infos unter:
Added on: 27. Oct. 2005 - 11:48:14

Name: PBK From: Flint, MI
Contact: pbk__ [at] hotmail [dot] com Homepage:
Message: I enjoyed your website...
Added on: 07. Oct. 2005 - 01:56:06

Name: Jenny From: Helsinki
Contact: Homepage:
Message: My favourite Finish music band! You can download their mp3.
Added on: 08. Jul. 2005 - 18:06:17

Name: BeachMonster From:
Contact: Homepage:
Message: Ho vllt haben sie lust uns zu verlinken? ich glaube vom thema her passt es ganz gut zusammen :) wir werden ihren link bald aufnehmen ! koennen mich auch gerne per email kontaktieren: charmehaar1 [[at]] danke !!
Added on: 06. Jul. 2005 - 12:50:38

Name: Claudia From:
Contact: Homepage:
Message: Nice site. I enjoyed my visit.
Added on: 12. May. 2005 - 04:36:16

Name: Maldoror From: Mainz
Contact: burgard [at] gmx [dot] net Homepage:
Message: Mielofon spielen Noise Black Metal. Tonbeispiele unter: Lärm Chaos Zerstörung
Added on: 05. Apr. 2005 - 17:12:57

Name: Vladimir Soutchilin From: Filderstadt
Contact: dsoutchiline [at] t-online [dot] de Homepage:
Message: Hi, I find this project is very important as soon as nawadays we live in a realy noisy world. I would suggest a quantitative approach is to be developed for evaluating of noise contents in a piece of music.
Added on: 20. Feb. 2005 - 10:30:34

Name: bist From:
Contact: Homepage:
Message: 染的蜡燭 助帶這 個填字 游戲的我. 生殖的 器官陰 性, 水平線。以及 東南是垂 直的我 知道它
Added on: 21. Aug. 2004 - 02:15:33

Contact: woolywoolaston [at] hotmail [dot] com Homepage: http://
Message: hello, cool site, i play electronic noisecore, i have a cd out called cultronic, if you want any info please email me, cheers all cool site.
Added on: 03. Aug. 2004 - 14:04:19

Contact: woolywoolaston [at] hotmail [dot] com Homepage: http://
Message: hi just seen your site and think its cool, i record electronic noise music under the name DRAGSTER YOUTH CULT and i have a cd out if anyone is interested. thanks guys
Added on: 22. Jul. 2004 - 16:01:46

Name: Stefan Beck From: Frankfurt/Main
Contact: infoATnoize-conceptDOTde Homepage:
Message: Welcome to our guestbook!
Added on: 09. Oct. 2003 - 20:34:09

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