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 The Bastard Remix Added on 25.May. 2004.
Bastard Doppel 12 inch limitierte AuflageHurry, rush! Get one of 300 pieces for this 12" featuring a rare remix of Clementine Deliss' Bastard Voice CD. (see below). Nico Dockx
 Building Transmissions Added on 03.Nov. 2002.
Building Transmission coverI was given this limited double CD by a Belgium group on my recent trip to Antwerpen.
This sounds slightly on the edge of industrial but retains a very noisy character. Only email:
 Return of the think thing vol 5 Added on 03.Nov. 2002.
think thing coverThis production by Berlin group Travellab is a real discovery. Five to ten people produce a fluent steady as well as eruptive noise. Unfortunately no editition exists beyond some CD-Rs. Check their site Travellab
 The Vacuum Boys Added on 31.May. 2002.
Vaccumboys coverAfraid of noise music? No reason if you start with this CD from Dutch group "Vacuum Boys". These fab four from prominent Amsterdam noise backgrounds will introduce you to the art of noise on a smooth and mellow way. Indeed, the first easy listening noise ever. They even have "lead and backing vocals"!

Check their label: Fire Inc.
 Metronome No-7 Added on 05.Jan. 2002.
Metronome7-coverThis is not exactly a CD, but a book which contains a CD. The No.7 issue by London based curator Clémentine Deliss.
Subtitled "magnetic speech" this all about the voice, its nature and scope. The audio CD features a rich material of voice experiments sampled from sessions with artists and art students from Scandinavian countries, as well as other sources.
Highly recommended on its own or for remixing purposes.
Contact: Metronome
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