Hinweise zu Plätzen mit oder ohne noise musik

  Noizefree zones in Frankfurt
Places where you'll definitely find no noise music:
  • Frankfurter Schule
  • Das 21. Jahrhundert
  • Robert Johnson
  • U60311
  • O25 Ostparkstrasse
  • Schaubar (closed)
  • Monza (closed)
  • Lofthouse
  • King Kamehameha Club
  • Unity
  • SpacePlace (closed), now Tanzhaus West
  • Royal
Thank you for helping us so far
BUT, we have now a new project by Tobias Schmitt. Once a month selected artists are introduced to the audience. Have a look at his Etwas fehlt (something is missing)site.
Etwa fehlt is no more, instead see e-lab or Acrylnimbus

Exzess, Leipzigerstr. 91, FFM-Bockenheim, Tel.069-774670 is prone to extreme music, but not necessarily noise, rather punk or post-punk.

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