Stefan Beck noise musiker aus Frankfurt am Main

Stefan Beck,
b. 1965,
lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.


Noise Concept Studioequipment ein selbst einwickeltes Setup zur Generierung von Noise Klängen

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Stefan Beck tracks, new mix (mp3, 24kB):
noize-concept/live for turntables, mixing console, analog effects

CD music for multi.trudi XII (trudiXII) disk inside

Equipment used on the tracks:
Technics 1210, Behringer 2004, Bellari Tube Compressor, Waldorf 4pole, Sherman Filterbank, Zoom 505, Zoom 508.
No MIDI, no computer, no sampler. Recorded live direct to tape.


  • Musik für Bankangestellte (music for bankemployees) 1999
  • MO.S.O.M.cord 2000
    Overvoice CD cover - a journey into the musical underground of Frankfurt Main Germany

    1997 experimental CD resulting from audio recordings done in Frankfurt clubs around 1995 and 1996.

    46 tracks, 71min, limited edition of single CDs. (For sale EUR 30,-)

    DAT coverDAT cover

    Special offer:

    Single CD-Rs from recent noise sessions, recorded live on DAT.
    Choose from DAT No. 15 - 63, first or second hour. (For sale EUR 30,-)


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