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 FISCH DISCH noise festival 2
 FISCH DISCH 2Izanamis labor pains (potsdam)

Izanami's Labour Pains' Sascha M. creates harsh noise dealing with Japanese mythology and in particular this one is about the Japanese god who is the God Of War. This is unlike any other concept completely worth dealing with (and worth it). It sounds like stuck in mythical rape and a pillage of a rural Japanese village or fighting the opposing kingdom in some far off land in Asia. These songs gurgle, squeal, and impact your brain where you feel confused and liberated to know a secret nobody knows except ypourself.

Bruital Orgasm (belgium)

Distort the signal into a communicative tension, reaching the bodily effects of noise as music… The sounds of roaring sea is not far from withe noise, but is not considered unpleasant & irritating… Disturbance…Psycho-acoustic tests… To the point where harsh noise is not considered unpleasant demands a training of the senses, a lack of restraint, allowing all sounds to be music, emancipating noise from its mimetic function, abstracting it as purely aesthetic... Shifting the focus from the notes to the sounds, by setting music as layered organized sounds, an implosion of meanings into the sublime... A convulsive beauty... A sensuous impression... An overload of the nervous system, maybe reflecting our inner & outer chaos... Absorbing the listener into an ecstatic black hole... Just like an orgasm...

 Time: 18:00
Hohenstaufenstr. 13-27, 60327 Frankfurt


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